Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Pioneers are breaking new ground

Under our new manager we are 4-4 and have won 4 of our last 7. We are playing like a reborn team under a positive manager, Tony Ferrara. He is a knowledgable, confidence building, unifying presence in the dugout. So take our low batting averages, High ERA's and weak fielding past and chuck them in the trash. The Pioneers are breaking new ground and ready to win the championship.

A couple of things. Ken Holztamn has gone home. He had some issues with the league and players and it was decided that it was best for all if he were to step away from the league.

Also, our 4-4 record under Tony does not include an unfortunate forfeit loss. The forfeit came after a player of ours, in the first inning of a scorless game could not accept a mind numbingly bad call by the umps. He was so upset that after being tossed from the game he decided to protest by not leaving the batters box. This is old news and for another blog entry.

Celebrating a win over the Miracle

Arrow (Aaron Rosdal), on the right and Seth Binder getting ready to bat. Arrow has incredible speed and a good glove, Seth is a great athlete.

Chopper (Dustin Melanson) get out of the way of an inside pitch

Big Daddy (Ryan Crotin) ready to pounce on a pitch during HR derby

Michael Olsen, our 18 year old catcher has excellent physical tools

From L to R - Butts (Ryan Butkowsky), Amo (Andrew Morales), Al (Alper Ulutas) and Schwartzy (Adam Goldman)

Feeling good after a win

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Yakyuu Shonen said...

I did not know that the Pioneers had a new manager... Just now I couldn't find a report in the news.

But congrats on the recent success and yesterday's win (and earning the save). That must've been an exciting game.