Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Status update

Pioneer update
We are eight games into the season and have only one victory. I don’t like losing. We are a below average hitting team. For us to win consistently we will need to stay away from mistakes and pitch well. We have made too many physical and mental errors and it has cost us. Ken Holtzman hit a breaking point this week, kicking the fence, throwing his hat down and cussing up a storm. Losing when we play well is tough but giving games away by playing poorly is unbearable. The good news is things are getting better.

Personal update
As for my personal performance thus far, it too is getting better. I have pitched in three games. My first outing was a disaster. Adrenaline and nerves got the best of me and I ended up walking five guys in two innings resulting in three runs. The good news from that outing was that I hurt myself, the opposing hitters did not hurt me. I came in doubting I had the stuff to compete with the hitters but it turns out that I do. I just have to pitch and not throw. Yesterday I came in to the game in the sixth inning to face a lefty. There was a man on third and two outs. I struck the batter out with a nasty slider. Today I faced the undefeated Blue Sox. I pitched two innings and went through there line up effortlessly, they did not get a hit. Thanks to some tips from Kenny and me executing on pitches they did not hit the ball out of the infield.

Today's Schedule
Today will be a busy day. It is 7:00 AM and after writing this blog entry I will stretch and do a mild workout. Then I will eat breakfast and get some physiotherapy on my arm by our trainer at Kfar Hayarok, the compound housing the players. I would love to get a massage today but will not have time. I have a meeting with one of our players who has some team issues he needs wants to discuss with me. Then I am driving to downtown Tel Aviv to pick up Kenny Holtzman at his hotel and bring him to Kfar Hayorok to work with some of our pitchers. By the time I get back from driving Kenny back to his hotel I will have to start preparing for tonight’s game. Tonight we play Raanana, like the Pioneers they are struggling; we have to win this game.

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Daniel said...


Despite the team's struggles, I'm glad to hear things are improving. Your performance versus the Blue Sox was outstanding! It sounds like you've made a new friend in Mr. Holtzman. I hope you guys win again soon.

I'm thinking about you.