Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Play Ball!

So much has happened since I have arrived in Israel one week ago. I have been busy and preoccupied so have not posted any blog entries. Hopefully, I will post what has been happening soon.

Tonight is our second game and I am slated to pitch. Below are some pictures from opening night with comments.

Opening Day pregame ceremonies

The Hebrew on the sign includes the Israeli version of "If there is a will there is a way"

Fans down the first base line

My nephew Yishai, Mom, My sister Iyrit, My neice Renana with her fiance and my brother Hudi

Concession stand, the t shirt says "WOW! Baseball comes to Israel!"

Ex Yankee and manager of the Blue Sox, Ron Blomberg, being interviewed

Abel Moreno on the mound. Abel was the number three prospect in the Angels organization until visa problems kept him out of the USA. He struggled in his first outing for the Pioneers but will no doubt be a force on the mound for us throughout the season.

The Pioneers watching the first inning of pro ball ever played in Israel

Kenny Holtzman and I watching the game and discussing strategy

Kenny, dealing with our opening day loss

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