Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yarkon Rivalry?

While I was looking at the satellite images of Israel I noticed that Petah Tikvah's Baptist Field and Tel Aviv's Sportek Field are both located on the Yarkon River. Actually, Baptist Field is about 200 yards from the Yarkon and Sportek Field seems to be right next to it.

For those who don't know, the Yarkon River is Israel's largest coastal river. It originates in northern Petah Tikvah and flows into the Mediterranean sea in Tel Aviv 16.7 miles later.

Is this the foundation of a rivalry in the Israel Baseball League? Maybe the Pioneers vs. Lightning games should be referred to as the Yarkon series. With that said, I propose that the team that loses the season series or the first game they play against each other must row from their home field to their rivals field. I am not sure if this is logistically possible, but worth checking out.

Click on the image below to view a larger version

Photos of the Yarkon River photos are fron here and here.


guy said...

Actually the fields are in 2 different cities. I'm sure you know this, but this fact makes them far away from each other in Israeli terms, so I'm afraid the rivalry you're talking about will have to come from some other source.

guy said...

Nice pictures though..
I promise that the Yarkon field looks much better up close. It's an amazing field, and as of now you can't even compare it to the sportek field which needs a lot of work..

Ari Alexenberg said...

Hi Guy,

I realize that Petah Tikvah and Tel Aviv are different cities but most team rivalries include teams from different cities. ESPN's all time top team rivalries are as follows:
Michigan vs. Ohio State, North Carolina vs. Duke, Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Auburn vs. Alabama, Redskins vs. Cowboys and Giants vs. Dodgers

None from the same cities.

Eli Greenspan said...

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